Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fishing Floats Star light floats-floats with fibre ststam and high visibility plastic antenna.Ideal for fishing in lake,sea,river with star light.This floats also recommended for Bolognese style fishing,using 3mm or 4.5mm plastic antenna inserted in to starlight holding bush.These floats are perfect for large baits like meat and paste and beginner anglers. A new range of special predator floats,has advantage to be very visual with long casting and totally reliable in fishing party.They come in variety of sizes and shapes to cover different types waters and styles of fishing.This floats are the most popular for the pike fishing and zander.We produce them in fixed version,sliding or with a swivel. Competition floats -highly technical which have been developed to allow the angler to fish total finesse on a range of venues and fishing situations.Floats where the line goes through the middle to come out right at the top of the body.They offer brilliant control of the float.Manufactured to the highest standards they are some of the most sensitive floats available.Special finish prevents water tension effecting the float. Carp floats-a range of floats where the lines goes through the middle.They also have a very strong carbon stem making them ideal for carp.Also this series of pole floats has been designed to cover the whole range of methods and swims found on commercial carp waters.With a reinforced wire eye and tough carbon stem to stand the punishment of carp fishing.
Gepe Group Team

GEPE-GROUP are joint venture company with famous Italian fishing floats producer EUROFLOATS and Serbian company Gruppo Prima.Italian long term experience, quality and design and Serbian accurate manufacturing process and very skilled staff put this company on the top famous in Europa.Thanks to the brilliant experience of Italian and Serbian Champions we can make all kind of fishing Floats .